Danielian Trading LLC With The Trade Name of ARRAWELL is manufacturer and distributer for natural foods, dried fruits and nuts, Chemicals, Construction products and packagings located in Yerevan, Armenia

In Arrawell’s food plant, located in Arzni, the most premium quality of Raisins, Sultanas, Dates, Dried Fruits and Saffron are produced and packed.

Our Business Partners:

Our Suppliers

We Focus, we Care

Building positive, long-term relationships with our suppliers is important to us and supports our long-term, strategic objectives. Our approach is hinged on a strong sense of partnership and open communication.

The suppliers are chosen as per our expert quality team evaluation system. We care about our customer’s needs, concerns,  and requirements, the safety and health of our people, and the protection of the environment.


Excellent service is at the heart of our approach

Taking good care of our customers is vital to the success of any collaborative project. We want our customers to enjoy the process and to feel looked after at every step.

Therefore we aim to build a sustainable, competitive and profitable company.

We are looking forward to your sincere cooperation and participation.

Our Values:


Safe: It is our responsible to have a safe environment for our employees and sub contractors in where thay can help us achieve our goals. In addition, we invest in the further development of knowledge and skills of our employees.

Safety and quality of the products: Our suppliers are chosen as per evaluation system. We work with reliable suppliers which have passed  ISO or GFSI standards. The safety and quality of the products are the most important for our quality team.

Integrity: We want to be a reliable partner for our Suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders by building relation ship based on trust, honesty and accountability. we believe in doing what is right, no matter what. Integrity is one of our Core Values, and we must never compromise it.

Sustainable: We are aware of the environment in which we carry out our activities and strive for lasting and sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders and on ever-decreasing ecological foot print.