Pipes and polyethylene and polypropylene fixtures

Here you will find pipes and polyethylene and polypropylene fixtures which can be used in building sewer systems, high pressure irrigation and water delivery systems from the reputable and highly accredited manufacturers.

To improve the utilization of water consumption in agriculture sector, Arrawell supplies diversified line of high end pipes as well as polymer connectors and parts required for water transfer and distribution with high pressure for farms.

PE Pipe Applications:

  • Urban and rural water supply networks
  • Urban and rural sewage networks
  • Drainage networks
  • Fluid systems and industrial sewage
  • Pressurized irrigation systems (Drip and sprinkler irrigation system)
  • Moving irrigation systems
  • Telecommunication cable coverings / optical fiber coverings
  • Power cable covering
  • Metal pipe covering
  • Ventilation channels

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