Raisins are obtained primarily by drying grapes, either in the sun or driers, which ultimately turns the color of grapes into golden, green or black. They are naturally sweet in flavor.
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Raisins & sultana are produced from the same grape and the only difference is the way they are dried. Raisins/Sultana are dried naturally while golden raisins are treated with SO2 during its process. All kind of raisins and dates are in one category of dried Fruit and we supply the highest quality of them all.
Raisins are full of carbs, especially natural sugars including glucose and fructose.
Raisins are full of iron, copper and B complex vitamins; they are a valuable addition to daily diet. Anemia or iron deficiency can be eliminating by regularly consuming raisins.
High levels of antioxidants, destroy free radicals that lead to the occurrence of tumors, particularly colon cancer.


• 1670 * 12.5 kg Net
• 2050 * 10 kg Net

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Sun dried Raisins/No.: 8

Sultanas/No.: 9

Raisins/Sultana are dried naturally.

Sultana Raisins No. 10 is a bit lighter than Sultana. The percentage of sulphur is more than Sultana and because of that the taste is a little bit sharper .it is also known as malayeri Raisins. (SO2 Added)

Golden Raisins are made from Sultanas, treated with Sulfur Dioxide, and flame dried to give them their characteristic color. This nice product is reasonably uniform in color and may range from yellow or golden or yellow to light amber. ( SO2 Added )