Cartons/ Plastic and Paperboard boxes

We at the Arrawell group respond precisely to a variety of your challenges in the packaging area, whether it concerns package design, packing work, or material procurement.

Our strength comes from our unique know-how, which has advanced with our partners who are specialist on numerous package designs over the years, as well as our packaging R&D at the Arrawell.

Three things to know about our Packaging solution:

  • Optimum packaging

We propose the best packaging from a holistic standpoint – we not only examine product materials (in terms of resistance against water/moisture, rust, and temperature, hazardousness, and strength), but also consider delivery conditions (such as transport routes, storage conditions, and the climate).

  • Special packaging print

Our solutions include buffer print to show the real artwork on the packaging.

  • Our Technical Center

We efficiently perform verifications through various tests as per your requirement, to provide one-stop solutions for operational improvement.

By outsourcing all packaging work from prototyping, evaluation testing, up to material procurement, you will be able to concentrate on your core business.


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