Jumbo Bag or Big Bag

Jumbo bags are large bags with 500 to 2000 kg capacity. Jumbo bags are used for packing and transporting dry powdered, granular and spangle products. Upon request, jumbo bags are manufactured using laminated or non-laminated fabrics with or without nylon layers. They are made of smooth or round polypropylene fabric and the type of fabric is selected based on cargo weight, safe working load (SWL) and concentration safety factor (CSF). These bags are manufactured for different applications and different modes of filling, lifting, and transportation by lift trucks, cranes and discharges. This type of packaging is a very economical and simple alternative to the use of bags and pallets in the storage and transportation of products and goods.

Jumbo bags are widely used in different industries such as: petrochemicals, construction, food, mines and agriculture.


Half to 2 tons

Ordered materials:

– With or without inner nylon layer

– Laminated or non-laminated fabric


Powdered, granular and spangle products which can be a good alternative for pallet

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